4.2 inča NFC e-Paper, bez baterija

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SKU: 17341
Part Number: 4.2inch NFC-Powered e-Paper
Brand: Waveshare

4.2inch Passive NFC-Powered e-Paper, No Battery, Wireless Powering & Data Transfer

4.2″ NFC-Powered e-Paper

Adopts novel passive NFC technology
No battery required, no more battery life trouble

Wireless NFC-Powered Display Refreshing

No messy wiring, stable operation, fast refreshing

How it works

To refresh the display content,
use a smart phone with NFC function, or an NFC reader,
close to the e-Paper for both wireless powering and data transfer

Feel the magic

Refreshed by smartphone, comes with Android APP, as easy as swiping a credit card

Refreshed by ST25R3911B NFC Board

Recommended evaluation kit: 4.2inch NFC e-Paper Eval Kit

Application examples

Suitable for price Tags, asset/equipment Tags, shelf labels, conference name tags…


Power supply Wireless Grey scale 2
Display color Black / White Refresh time 4s (data transfer time is not included)
Dot pitch 0.212×0.212 Display size 84.8mm×63.6mm
Resolution 400×300 Outline dimension 105.1mm×94.1mm
Viewing angle >170°
Supported smart phones

Most Android phones with NFC function are supported,
some tested and confirmed devices are listed below (include but not limited to)

Brand Smart phones
HUAWEI MATE 10, MATE 20, MATE 20 Pro, P20, P30, Honor 10
Samsung NOTE 9, NOTE 8, S9/S9+, A8S
Sony Xperia XZ3, Xperia XZ1
Google PIXEL 3/3XL, PIXEL 2/2XL, PIXEL 1
LG V40, V30+, V30, G7, G7+, G6
MI MI 8, MIX3, MIX 2S, MIX1/2, IM6, NOTE3, NOTE 2
HTC U12+, U11, U11 EYEs, U11, U Ultra, Desire 10 pro, ONE A9S
Motorola Z3, Z2, Z
ONEPLUS OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T
Outline dimensions

Package Content

Weight: 0.079 kg

  1. 4.2inch NFC-Powered e-Paper x1
  2. Double-sided foam tape x2

4.2inch NFC-Powered e-Paper


Šifra: w17341
Naziv: 4.2 inča NFC e-Paper, bez baterija
Vrsta: Waveshare
Zemlja porekla: Kina
Zemlja uvoza: Kina
Uvoznik: MALINA 314 doo, Beograd
Telefon: 061-640-2013


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