BuildMecar Kit B, 5MP kamera

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BuildMecar Kit, Smart Building Block Robot With Mecanum Wheels, 5MP Camera, Based On Raspberry Pi Build HAT
Mecanum Wheels · Building Block Robot

Based on Raspberry Pi Build HAT

Build Your Own Smart Robot By Blocks

Product Features

Smart robot is always the favorite thing of electronic fans, meanwhile, building blocks can be used to make various objects in different constructions, such as vehicles, buildings, and working robots. Whatever you made, you can break it down and build another new thing by the pieces again.

The Build HAT Python library is able to control sorts of motors and sensors with an LPF2 connector, this make it possible to build creative combination by using the Raspberry Pi Build HAT and building blocks, so here comes our BuildMecar – a smart robot with Mecanum wheels, and built by blocks. It will move in any direction based on the Mecanum wheel technology, enabling more funny possibilities for the smart robots.

  • Designed on the basis of Raspberry Pi Build HAT, easily controlling sorts of motors and sensors with an LPF2 connector
  • Built by blocks, feel free to customize your unique robot
  • High discharge coefficient Li-ion batteries, providing great power supply for the robot
  • Features Mecanum wheels, allows lateral movement, or spinning in the original place
  • Optional camera, gives your robot an eye
Selection Guide
Block pack
Accessory pack A (Build HAT)
Accessory pack B (Camera)
Accessory pack C (Pi 4)

Raspberry Pi 4 Controller

More Powerful Processor, Richer Multi-Media Capability, Faster Networking

Raspberry Pi Build HAT

A Flexible System With Unlimited Possibilities

The Raspberry Pi Build HAT fits any Raspberry Pi with a 40-pin GPIO header and lets you control sorts of motors and sensors with an LPF2 connector

Building Block Structure

The Body Is Built By Blocks, You Can Define It Freely By Your Ultimate Imagination.
Comes With Raspberry Pi Python Example For Web Remote Control, Allows Adding/Removing Functions.

Great Power Supply

7.4V High Discharge Coefficient Li-Ion Batteries, 2600mAh Capacity, 5C Discharge Coefficient

Mecanum Wheels, Omnidirectional Movement

Allows Moving In Any Direction Including Go Straight, Move Lateral, Move Oblique, Spin…
More Smooth Ride Experience, Flexible Obstacle Avoidance

5MP 160° Wide Angle Camera

Quality OV5647 Sensor

Structure Introduction

Resources & Services

Weight: 1.042 kg



  1. Block pack x1
  2. motor x4
  3. 80mm Mecanum wheel x4
  4. Self-gripping strap x2
  5. Li-ion battery 7.4V 2600mAh x1
  6. Raspberry Pi Build HAT x1
  7. 8.4V 2A power supply x1
  8. Double-sided tape x1
  9. 5MP wide angle camera x1

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Šifra: w21646
Naziv: BuildMecar Kit B, 5MP kamera
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