Raspberry Pi Rele ploča, 8 kanala, (Relay Expansion Board)

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SKU: 15423
Part Number: RPi Relay Board (B)
Brand: Waveshare

Raspberry Pi Expansion Board, 8-ch Relays


The RPi Relay Board (B) is an expansion board with 8-ch relays for Raspberry Pi. It gives your Pi the ability to control high voltage products such as home appliances.


  • Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards, Jetson Nano
  • High quality relays, loads up to 5A 250V AC or 5A 30V DC
  • Photo coupling isolation, prevent interference from high voltage circuit
  • Standard rail mount bottom case
  • Onboard LEDs for indicating relays status
  • Relay control pin selection jumper, allows to control the relays by custom pins other than the default pins
  • Reserved control Interface, allows to work with controllers like PLC
  • Comes with development resources, including examples in wiringPi, bcm2835, python, python-bottle (webpage control), and crontab (cron job)


  • Power supply voltage: 5V
  • Trigger signal: 3.3V/5V
  • Relay channels: 8-ch
  • Contact form: SPDT-NO,NC
  • Closed current: 6mA (per channel)
  • Connector: screw terminal block
  • Dimension: 232 × 72 (mm)
  • Mounting hole size: 3.0mm


Link proizvođača

Link Waveshare Wiki


Package Content


Weight: 0.275 kg

Note: Raspberry Pi in the photos is NOT included.

  1. RPi Relay Board (B) x1
  2. Rail mount bottom case x1
  3. Screws pack x1




Šifra: w15423
Naziv: Raspberry Pi Rele ploča, 8 kanala
Vrsta: Waveshare
Zemlja porekla: Kina
Zemlja uvoza: Kina
Uvoznik: MALINA 314 doo, Beograd
Telefon: 061-640-2013


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